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Be Healthy / EHR , EMR - Electronic Health Records: cbc blood test , pill reminder , bmi calculator , ovulation calendar

BeHealthy! app is intended for storage and information search about your health.

Now it is possible in any place and at any time:

1. Have at hand all medical certificate, medical analyses, hospital reports, clinical diagnoses, treatment order of doctor from your health records. You always can monitor the indices dynamics of analyses in graphical format, correct your health state in time.

2. Create events: visit а surgeon, fever heat, influenza, measure blood pressure, pulse, to take pills, examine vision acuity, make analyses. These events will help you to take control of your health. You can make reminder when to go to the hospital and visit a doctor for this event.

3. Enter health data. If you want to lose your weight, with the help of our application you can control your weight, get to learn daily amount of calories and monitor how many calories you get or burn. Monitor your blood pressure every day and this will help you to take medicine in time.

4. Create reminders for taking medicine, tablets, for injections. It has the opportunity to remind you of taking several medicine simultaneously, the application will help you not forget to take the tablet in due time. BeHealthy! will help women for taking birth control pills and children for taking vitamins.

5. Keep medical schedule. All your events, reminders, medication taking, analyses are presented in the schedule. You’ll be able to create your own medical archive. You won’t miss and won’t forget any important event.

6. Use medical calculator. BeHealthy! let you calculate such indices as calories daily intake, body weight index, ideal body weight, ratio of waist and hips. You needn’t spend time for complicated calculations, simply fill in analyses and control vital indices.

7. Use woman calendar and track the cycles of menstruation. BeHealthy! allow you receive notification of the beginning of menstruation, ovulation, taking contraceptive pills. Application let you calculate menstrual cycle, ovulation and fertile days. Menstrual calendar shows unsafe days for conception.

Be healthy and keep well, and the application BeHealthy! will help you with it.

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