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Stickers - planner, organizer, daily calendar, to do list

The app with checklist, notebook, pad, note, task, calculator helps you plan the day. Use the app in the preparation of checklists and monitoring of their performance at work and home.

Stickers benefits:

1. Get Reminders - Set time and recurring reminders to stay on track

2. Set events, tasks and to do lists to get more done

3. Attach notes and files to your events

4. Clean design that keeps you focused on your goals for the day

5. Send your events and to do lists by e-mail

6. Control your events timely by analyzing a number of simple reports and diagrams

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In-App Purchases

Purchase the full version - single payment $4.99


Advantages of the full version:

1. More than 5 task by event
2. Without advertising
3. Nine colorful themes for comfortable work

frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

iCloud sync does not work, what to do?

iCloud sync between devices must be working automatically.

If synchronization does not work, follow these steps:

1. go to iCloud account settings (fig. 1)
2. click the iCloud panel (fig. 2)
3. set access to iCloud for our application (fig. 3)
4. synchronization with iCloud will start automatically!


How do I delete an event?

To delete an event, use the swipe.
Swipe through the event from right to left and confirm the deletion.
Similarly delete tasks, reminders and indexes.


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