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Simple and convenient diary will be an irreplaceable assistant in your activity.

Rocket benefits:

1. You can add events, tasks and reminders (single, weekly, monthly and yearly).

2. You can also control the budget and take into account income and expenses.

3. All app data will be available on all your devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch) due to iCloud sync.

4. The event schedule will also be available in the iCal calendar.

In-App Purchases

Purchase the full version - single payment.

Advantages of the full version - more than 20 events, tasks and reminders. If you rate the app in the AppStore, you can enter an additional 10 events, tasks and reminders.


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frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

iCloud sync does not work, what to do?

iCloud sync between devices must work automatically.

If synchronization does not work, follow these steps:

1. go to iCloud account settings
2. click the iCloud panel
3. set access to iCloud for our application
4. synchronization with iCloud will start automatically!


How do I delete an event?

To delete an event use the swipe.
Swipe through the event from right to left and confirm the deletion.
You can delete tasks, reminders and indexes similarly.


How do I change the working time displayed in the calendar?

By default, the working time starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 7:00 PM. You can always change the working time for this:

1) click on "Settings" in the upper right corner
2) set the start and end time of the working day
3) working time will automatically change in the calendar!


Is it possible to copy a frequently repeated event and not to re-enter it every time?

Yes it is possible:

1) go to the event list or calendar
2) long tap on the event and click on the "Copy" button
3) make changes if necessary
4) save the copied event by clicking on the "Save" button in the upper right corner!


What should be done when the task is completed?

1) select a task or go to the task list
2) move the switch to the "Completed" position
3) the traffic light will change from red to green
4) the task will go to the "Completed" section of the task list, the percentage of tasks completed will be recalculated automatically!


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